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The history of our cellar has distant origins.

It was the second half of the ’30s when Vincenzo Serìo built a winery in via Grassi, in San Donaci (BR), to transform the grapes of their vineyards into an excellent wine that was sold in central northern Italy where it was used to give color and alcohol content to Tuscan, Piedmontese and Veneto wines.

It was then in 1947 that this marvelous art began to be handed down.

On 4 May, in San Donaci (BR), at the family home, in front of the notary Umberto Salomi, Vincenzo Serio donated his family’s wine factory to his son “Pippi”, Giuseppe Serio.
“Pippi” Serio, from 1947 until the end of the 80s, in the family plant, continued to transform the grapes produced in the vineyards owned and belonging to the autochthonous varieties (negroamaro, primitivo and black malvasia of Brindisi) in red wines and rosés that were sold to companies in the center-north.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the son Serio Domenico Vincenzo, an agronomist, took over the winery, restructuring it and modernizing it through the introduction of modern machinery and new technologies always aimed at enhancing the peculiar characteristics of the wines deriving from our native vines.
The winery was equipped with a bottling plant thanks to which, finally, it was possible to close the supply chain bringing, through the bottle, directly to the consumer, ninety years of history and winemaking tradition of the Serio family.

Waiting for a new imminent passage in the hands of his sons Giuseppe and Lorenzo, the historian Serio family winery, since 1930 always located in San Donaci, via Grassi, is now started towards the production of high quality wines that will always remain strongly anchored to the characteristics of our territory: the land of negroamaro.


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